What to add to my website

What to add to a new website.

You may be asking yourself about what to add to a website once you have built it. Here are some of the key things that you need to consider and start putting in place.

What are the benefits of having a website?

The website is your business address. And it will take many forms and functions throughout its life and throughout the evolution of your business.

It is the bill-board for marketing, the business card, the brochure, the shop floor, the sales man, the merchaniser, the customer service channel and the back office. Given all those potential functions, what kind of content can one put on there.

An earlier post shows an easy way to setup a website.

The first things to add to a website.

If you are using a WordPress template you may want to setup some basic plugins to enable optimum minimal use of the templates.


Plugins are customisable pieces of software that are usually optional to add to a WordPress or other template for specific purposes. It was designed like this to achieve high modularity, which is ability to select only the functionality you want and then include it in your website functionality.


Your web pages are those anchor content items that have information that is typically not changing. It gives consistent information about your website and product or service offering. This can be information of yourself or brand. It could be a list of products and services that require minimal change or updates.

Pages will typically then be added to a menu or form the central pieces of the menu.


The posts are the articles that will be published regularly. They contain dynamic information including trends, reviews, opinions, specials etc. These would then be ordered mostly by date or by user defined categories in some order.


The first three pages

There are some pages which are central to a web presences. These three pages are the key information of your niche, about you and privacy policy.

The essence of your niche

You want a static page that gives your visitors a quick glimpse of your niche and what you are offering. This should get them interesting in your offering to read the other posts or menu driven items that may be included on the menu.

About Me

People value connections. I have repeatedly said that people buy from people that they trust. One element of establishing that trust is by making sure that people know who you are, get to connect with your personality. Depending on the niche you are dealing with, you would want to your picture to connect to that audience. For many purposes a formal picture is always useful, together with some information about yourself. An example is my about me page on this website.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a requirement for a website. I covers a lot of basic legal requirements concerning the acquisition and dissemination of personal information of the visitors using your site. You can look at an example of a privacy policy on this website.

So if you haven’t already built a website click here to get started building one

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    1. You need to then put your niche content. Start posting about the subject matter you have chosen for your audience. Writing about your experience is most effective as it is usually original, genuine and helps build trust with your customers. If you need specific help do send me a not on tyrell@alternateaffilates.com

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