social media for online marketing

Social Media for online marketing

The coming together of people on social media platforms, for the purpose of engaging and interacting on wide-ranging subjects is seen as opportunity for marketing to promote products and service. Therefore, Social Media for online marketing develops out of the opportunity to meet a large pool of people on a platform to discuss on different subjects that can identify the product or services we are offering.

What is social media?

Social media are online communication channels that bring people according to interest, expertise, hobby and outlook on life together to interact and share news, update, and information to promote social interaction. These channels use advanced forum based website application including forums, social networking, microblogging, social curation and social bookmarking to bring members together for continued interactivity. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and LinkedIn, etc. these are important Social Media for online marketing.

Why is social media key in online business?

Business is about relationships and trust. Relations are formed among people of similar interest, similar problems and common goals.The more people know about each concerning what they do and what they have to offer the more the trust builds. People buy from people and companies that they trust.

Your brand needs exposure to your potential market. Social media is a great tool, a free to use tool for doing just that. Social Media for internet marketing is an essential element for online businesses as it delivers credible opportunities to business people to achieve their business objectives. You can promote your products quickly and to a a very wide audience through social media.

Since we are dealing online, the  search engine uses signals from social media as a basis for determining user experience with your various offering. If people have a good experience on your website or with your product they tend to share it with other people. You can then look at that feedback and do more of the good things you did in order to increase your sales. You can also use it to pick up when customers have problems so that you can fix the issues quickly and monitor how effective it is through social media.

Top 4 ways to mastering social media

While the primary goal of social media is bringing people together for social interaction but it is not the same with Social Media for online marketing. Here, you are looking for leads not followers and achieving this; you need to master these 4 ways:

  1. Know your audience. You need to know your audience to sell to them. When you know who you want, it is easier to qualify leads and get them drawn to your offers. It is when you know your audience in Social media that you don’t annoy your contacts with irrelevant offers.
  2. Avoid click baiting. Nothing is more annoying than having pop-up baits disturbing peoples’ timeline. You want to stay focuses on your marketing the socially acceptable way.
  3. Provide value. Learn to be a problem solver and don’t put your gains first; it will come back to it with time. Offer solutions to your audience’ troubles and they will trust and believe in you.
  4. Engage your audience. Don’t ever ignore your audiences’ queries. When they post on your timeline, take the time to reply and follow their concern. You are not there to defend your actions; you are to make them understand and see your reasons.

Most popular social media platforms

With increasing attention and popularity of social media, more social media platforms are coming up to join the existing ones. But there are a few Social Media for online marketing that is prominent and leading, they include:

  • global social media audienceFacebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

How to get started quickly on social media

Social media channels are free to join the platform, but they have some standing rules called terms of service to agree to before becoming a member. Before joining it is important to check if it won’t be a time waster, so make sure it will help your business when you subscribe. To join, follow these steps:

  1. Check terms of service. See if the terms of service will accommodate your type of business, if yes, subscribe and if not, leave.
  2. Create your profile. You need an attractive profile to start with; it’s the hallmark of social media for online marketing.
  3. Study the community. See if the posts and members are within your defined audience and interest.
  4. Become active in your communities. Social interaction is fun, become more resourceful and participates in solving problems and helping people in the community.

Social media for internet marketing takes innovation, ideas and willingness to succeed. It is a place where your social skills can really create value for your customers and and great returns for your online business. It will pay off in the end.

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  1. Tyrell, thank you for posting this article. I have been trying to get my social media marketing up and running. I keep getting into trouble the just about all of the platform.

    I get the threats to have my account closed or suspended. I have read the policy and terms. I have asked for help as to what I’m doing wrong.

    One told me I post to much in a short time. Si I cut it down to once a week, got the message again. So I cut it down to once a month. My account got suspended.

    Tell me what is the key to not getting problems?
    Facebook won’t let me post my website URL on any of their pages, and won’t tell me why.
    Google plus tells me I’m not following the rules, but won’t tell me which rule I’m breaking.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your ordeal LeNard. It seems you have the right enthusiasm required for social media, which is being constantly active.

      I am not sure what the specific reasons for your issue is but if you Google “reasons for account closure on facebook” or on Google Plus you see a number of articles that explaining various possibilities. Among them is using the page to directly sell products on a personal page rather than on a fan page on facebook for example. Other reasons include content that the media considers to be spam, too personal, misrepresenting and many other natures that go against their set rules. You can read this article as a. Starting reference and then just double check if are unknowingly falling into any of the categories.

      I hope that helps a little LeNard. All the best. Do not llapse your enthusiasm, find something to fix and you will be back on track.

  2. Thank you for your post about the importance of social media. I am using some of these to market my website. Whilst I have connected with many, I don’t really know if they are the right market. Especially on Facebook when you get many friend requests and not sure if they are even relevant. How do you actually find out if the people you are connected to are relevant to your market?

    1. Identifying who is your market is key and important tasks, which can be difficult. One way is to check out their profile and see what they post, who they befriend, what group they are in. The dilemma, is that you need to accept to see more detail. Sometimes you cannot tell. They may have seen you posts through a friend and and it is nothing that they had been thinking about.

      There are a number of factors that you can handle to influence the right visitors. Firstly, have you defined your ideal customer is. That way it is easier to then identify quickly when browsing their profile. Thereafter are you posting relevant content for your niche as that will attract the right kind of people. Are you interacting in related groups and making relevant and meaningful comments?

      I hope that helps a bit, Steve.

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