how to quit your job and make money from home

Quit your job and make money from home

I have found myself pondering the question of whether I should quit my job and make money from home many a time. Just as many times I have ended up with a not yet answer. Not that it was the best answer, I can safely say that most times it was a comfort zone answer.

Why you quit your job?

Do you see yourself as an employee, a professional or a business in your current job? Do you trade your expertise at market rates or you are at the mercy of your employer?

It is all great when you are performing and doing well. Even better when your work is appreciated and you are rewarded in ways that are meaningful to you. This can be in form of compliments, good pay, bonuses, holidays, flexible time, trust, you name it.

However, like any product on a shop shelf, one can find themselves reaching a sell-by-date very quickly. Have you passed your sell by date? Once that happens it may be time to move on. This can be finding another job or starting your own business.

The tragedy is that some people only consider starting their own businesses after they have reached their sell-by-date. That can be a a terrible idea but sometimes it may be the only option to move on.

How to quit your job

why you quit your job

This is not a decision to take lightly. It can be very life changing in nature; a great life change when you succeed, or a major catastrophy if things do not work out.

There are a number of things that one needs to consider before reaching that decision to quit your job. These need to be weighed carefully and brutally honestly if the journey is going to be worth its weight in gold.

Define your goal and your WHY!

Have you ever noticed how tenacious people get when they know what they want. Think of a child who want candy? They use persuasion, tricks tantrums, puppy dog eyes, irritation, whatever it takes to get what they want.

It would be very helpful if you can define a long term goal or vision that is not dependent on your current circumstances. Something that lasts through circumstances and keeps you focused in troubled times.

The importance of setting goals for a beginner

For example, if your goal is financial freedom, define how that looks like and why. What are you going to be doing once you are free. Is it for you to do that community service that is close to your heart, or to pursue art or world travel. Is it to spend time with your children or family. Or maybe to pursue your skill to its fullest without expecting any reward for it?

How much does that life cost roughly. That will define your financial freedom number i.e. the amount of money you require to cover your expenses without needing to work, as a minimum. You can then pursue some passive income objectives that can achieve that goal for you.

Can you self manage?

When you decide to quit your job to start any kind of business, you should be able to manage yourself. Self discipline will be required as there will be no mandatory office hours or supporting staff to handle your other administrative and mundane tasks until you grow your operation.

If you do not have this skill you need to learn to self manage quickly. Get yourself a small project and put together a plan and follow through on it. Keep track of what you plan to do against what you actually do. This would be ideal to practise before you decide to quit and see how well you do.

For example, to gain more time set yourself a goal to wake up an hour or more earlier everyday and read something on the business idea that you want pursue. Do some tasks that are required in setting up your business so that you can get a head start before taking the plunge.

Without this skill, you will be at risk of not making it.

Have you saved enough?

Normally they say that you need at least six months worth of expenses to be covered while you are working. You can imagine how much more you need it when  you decide to quit. Does your venture generate enough for you to live on and to keep your savings cover intact, or are you going to sacrifice a bit. Even best laid plans can fail, so make sure you have some mitigation plan.

Some may have a fall back plan with family or some savings or investments. However, I recall Denzel Washington saying that fall back plans are the reason for some people not to forge ahead with their dreams. There is some merit to that argument, but a savings nest egg can help cushion the drastic effects of cash flow crunch experienced by startup businesses. I prefer to be prepared than surprised.

Selling is required no matter what you do.

No matter how good your idea, it will be worthless unless you can sell it to someone. I covered a bit of this in the entrepreneurs and marketing skills article.  You will need to learn some marketing and sales skills. This will make you better at finding new work or being able to convince customers to buy or use your products. Even if you get someone else to do the sales function, it would be useful if you understand some basic skill of selling.

Find a mentor or someone to understudy

If you are fortunate enough you should find someone who is in the business and running the business aspects that you can learn from. The best case scenario is to work for them, or have them as your mentor to teach you the trade and guide you on how to do this.

In the internet marketing business you can join forums on Facebook, specialized websites and the like. For example if you are in the real estate business forums like will be very handy to help you learn about real estate investing, buying, selling marketing, getting finance. For internet  marketing forums like wealthy affiliates and six figure mentors can provide some good insights. First read the review or get a free trial membership before committing any money to the venture.

Someone once said you are the average of 5 people that you associate with. So get connecting and mingling with people in your area of interest to improve your average. The more successful the better.

Research and learn fast

Whatever industry you are going into, you need to already know a lot about it, otherwise you have to start learning as quickly as you can. It is now a little easier with online resources available in additional to traditional colleges and books.

Learn how to research the topic, the market, the competitors, the customers. Ask around from people in the industry, customers that are interested in the products, and research on the internet on the same topic. Read as many books as you can to find out about the subject matter. Listen to videos and audio tapes in your spare time

Learn your strengths and weaknesses

You need to know yourself well. What are you good at? What are you not good at? This is important so that you know which areas to seek help on and which ones to focus on because you are good at. This will help you make the most of your time when you start executing your business tasks.

How to find a niche for a beginner

It also helps choose what niche to focus on. Choose one in your strength area. This way you will do something that you are good at which will make it easier and more effective. The more you get results when you start the more confident you will become to pursue your dream.

Get your social networks established

In this online world, you need to establish an online network as a catchment for your potential customers. Build a social media profile and become active.

Social media for online marketing

If you can relate to others in the industry of interest you can engage in meaningful correspondence, build contacts and networks as well as learn a thing or two.

can i quit my job

Can I quit my job?

If you are still asking this question, I hope the above reflection will help you with your answer. Gauge where you are and decide the best way forward for you. Some have successfully quit their jobs upfront, some after establishing some foundation, others after they had already attained financial freedom. Make an informed decision based on your circumstances. Hopefully you do this before your sell by date has expired.



  1. Hello Tyrell,

    I think this is a great post you have written, for this is a very important topic. It is always a big decision when one decides to quit their job and go into business on their own. You have described very well on what must be considered before doing so. You have also made a good recommendation when referring people to Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to internet marketing. Great job Tyrell!


    1. Thank you Chris for the feedback. Quitting your job is very significant and I have battled with it. We all need to get support in preparing for it and in coming to terms with such a big decision.  

  2. Great article and very thorough. You covered topics about leaving your job very well and offered some good things for people to bear in mind before making the decision. I know I will keep it in mind, because ultimately this is what I am hoping to achieve. Great advice.

  3. I am one of those who wants to just quit my job and start my own online business, but after reading your post I realize I have to consider a few things first.

    I find your post very helpful and a good eye opener.

    I think I will start off slowly until I find my footing. I realize I should not rush into this. What do you think?

    1. With any venture, it is always good to assess the risk and prepare what  you can. However, do not get stuck in endless analysis. Evaluate and take action. You cannot have all the answers, and things change. Be prepared to fail along the way, it provides good lessons and experience.

      It also depends on the type of personality you are and your level of confidence. I know people who are so confident with their abilities that they just jump and do it. They deal with whatever comes. Some situations require your complete attention for them to work so those may be a little difficult to do piecemeal. However, doing some research and preparation will help with getting off the mark with good momentum.

  4. Hello Tyrell,

    This indeed a great article about making such a big decision as to whether you should quit his job or not. I like the informative ideas you brought out. Certainly anyone who is considering to quit his or her job has a good place like your site to get all the ideas and advice he or she need to make such a decision.

    For example I really like the idea about self management, and for sure it really requires much discipline for one to be able to manage things on his own.

    And surely the decision cannot be taken without considering financial aspect of it. If you cannot depend on your savings for sometime until you’re well settled with your own business, then you will struggle and perhaps get frustrated. So surely a person needs to consider his financial status before deciding to quit a job.

    Thanks a lot for this informative article. It will help me myself.

    1. True indeed Stephen, a decision to quit your job is not a light one and especially when you are to establish your own business at home and working online. There are a lot of things we tend to take for granted when we are working for a company which we need to start taking care of when we work for ourselves.

      I am glad you found this information useful. Hopefully people can reach this decision comfortably when they start working online from home to make money sustainably.

  5. A lot of people thought I was crazy when I quit my job. I earned really good money and had a certain amount of autonomy. The hours were manageable as well. However, it got to the point where I was dreading going to work. I would get in the car and feel like all I wanted to do was drive to the airport – or even just be anywhere else other than in the office! I would sit at my desk feeling miserable, like I wasn’t achieving anything meaningful or being true to myself.

    It took me 2 years to build up the courage (and savings!) to quit but when I did it was the best thing I could have done. I went travelling for 4 months, came back and have not looked back since. As long as you plan ahead a bit and put the tools in place to enable you to quit – then there is nothing stopping you! The freedom I feel now is absolutely amazing – I wake up every day and feel grateful that I am doing what I’m doing – which is teaching piano and working on my website!

    1. It is always refreshing to hear a great success story on any subject. I am that you realised the need to quit your job and then took the time and effort to prepare for the exit. Now you are doing what you love and feel energised all the time. Thank you for sharing, it is encouraging and provides hope for many who are in that situation that needs changing.

  6. Hey man, I just wanna say I really like your site on making money from home. I really like how you break everything down in a way that’s easy for someone who doesn’t know much about online marketing lol.
    Are these programs really free, or just the trials?
    If so , how much is the premium membership?

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback Gave, much appreciated. I strive to assist beginners get a clear understanding of the basics so they can informed decision.

      To answer your question, you generally find that what is free is an introductory level, or starter level which us free. It generally gives you enough information to get started so that you can evaluate whether it is Some thing that you want to pursue or not. Some even have a paid level 1, like Six Figure Mentors. Their rational is that they only want to deal with people who have serious intentions of pursuing Internet marketing. 

      The premium version of Wealthy Affiliates training requires an investment of $19 for first month to get all the features and subsequently monthly investment of $49pm. If you find it useful you further discounts when you pay full annual fee upfront which reduces your monthly investment to $29 per month.

      On SFM the starter pack costs $25, and the premium level starts with an upfront fee of $297 then a monthly subscription of $97pm.

      You can see a detailed review of the features offered versus the cost and judge for yourself here.


  7. recently reached my sell by date at my job and finally quit. I dont want to be an employee i want to be able to travel. I am learning about affiliate marketing hopefully it takes off.

    1. I know the feeling and I am glad you were able to be bold enough to quit. It does not come easy to many, but sometimes it is better than to be drained by a job that does not add value to you or others.

      Affiliate marketing is well suited to your desire to travel as it does not restrict your movement. You can still do your work from where ever you are as long as you choose a good niche and put in the required effort and time to master it and make it profitable.

      All the best in your efforts.

  8. I decided to learn how to affiliate market and make money from home simply because I found it difficult to gain employment.

    Like you say, choose a niche you have a particular interest in as an affiliate marketer’s role is to keep promote products by writing articles however the beauty is, I found an online website is by far the cheapest way to run your own business when compared to traditional businesses, there’s only the hosting costs involved, the rest is down to your work and determination.

    You mention setting goals, I have a long-term goal, who doesn’t ? However I have split my goals into monthly, weekly and daily goals to which I have to finish my daily goal before I finish my day’s work, it’s amazing how much work you can accomplish this way.
    Informative article,

    1. Thanks for sharing Simon. You will be surprised that many people have wishes rather than goals. They wish to do that and wish to accomplish this, but to not have actual goals defined and written down. If only they would be like you and clearly define them and break them down into achievable chunks.

      I am glad you found something that works for you and keeps you motivated and successful. It is very encouraging to hear success stories. All the best.

  9. I read this article at the right time as I am going to quit my full time job and start my own business.

    Yes, it is extremely hard to start from zero, so, I have searched for information related to start a new business.

    Nowadays, it is very important to understand affiliate marketing and social network. It will help us when we start.

    Anyway, do you think Facebook is more important than Twitter? It seems that Facebook is more popular outside US.

    1. Glad to hear that you are taking the plunge and are preparing for it Nico.

      As to which one is more important I am cannot say. Here is how I view them. Facebook is good because you can use visuals to reach a lot of people, you can join groups of your niche interest and hopefully engage them enough to increase traffic to your website.

      Twitter is good for short bursts of messages which you can do on an adhoc basis. It’s easy to catch trending topics which you can ride on, to your benefit.You can also use relevant hashtags which can reach wider audiences beyond your followers.

      My decision criteria is more based on your niche audience and how they take each or your level of comfort with the media. For example some people are so comfortable on Facebook so it’s easy to extend their business on Facebook yet they may not be as active on Twitter. Same with your audience. If it’s an older generation you may have more luck with Facebook than Twitter, but younger generation you may have more luck with Twitter.

      Understand your audience and match it with your preferences you should do well.

      All the best Nico on your new venture. Let us knows how it goes.

  10. Wow Tyrell,

    Your article is full of insight, especially about when you want to decide on quitting your job. In fact this is exactly what I’m thinking about doing.

    I have established my own blog website and hopping that something better come out of it. however, I want to quit my regular job so that I can have more time to focus on my online business.

    But as you rightly said, quitting is not always easy, as you do not know when you’re going to succeed with your business.

    I will deeply consider some point you mentioned in this article and see how things work out.

    Thanks so much for sharing this useful article with me

    1. Thank you Stephen for reading the article. I am glad you found it relevant to your situation.

      It is important for one objectively evaluate where they are, what they are facing, how much risk they can take, what contingency they have and what potential consequences the decision they make brings. Once you are clear on that whatever decision you make can then be more manageable or bearable.

      Good luck with your decision.

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