Looking for an alternative source of retirement income?

Are you still chasing the old pension? Are you looking for an alternative income source? Have the insurance companies done you in on all your decades of hard work? A lifetime of hard earned money is now worth less than your lunch money?

Get comfortable soon.

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I will be straight with you. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a get comfortable soon enough plan.

I have great news. Look no further for in the next few paragraphs I will bring you to the realisation that you do not have to wait until you are old and unmarketable to enjoy your hard earned efforts. You can start enjoying them within a reasonable amount of time after some reasonable amount of effort.

The life insurance man and the pension scheme have served their purpose. They now belong in a museum where they can be honoured and admired for serving mankind for centuries since the industrial revolution. However, that is where they should end. I am not saying abandon ship yet. But just like they sold you a retirement plan, you should return the favour. Start selling them their retirement plan on the way to museum they belong.


What is involved?

what it takesAm I asking you to do futile work? Or it may look to you that I am chancing at getting your attention without any value to you. Consider the following requirements.

What you need is a little bit of time, internet access and some discipline to learn, apply and execute some simple principles until to get results. Then do it some more to repeat and grow these achievements. You do not necessarily need to have prior experience as all the key skills and considerations will be taught. There will be personal coaching provided.

You do not need to put up any money to get  started. You get a chance to learn the building blocks and evaluate through practical exercises and finally judge for yourself without incurring any costs.

What can you achieve?

golden nest eggs

You can achieve a number of things with this method. At the very least you can create an alternative income stream, that can grow to replace your current income. If done well this can become a key to a comfortable retirement and even a creation of comfortable wealth. This can be your golden goose that brings in some eggs on a regular basis.


What kind of work is required?

The beauty of this method is that it allows you to choose the area of work you need to do. This can be a hobby interest, an area of knowledge and experience or a completely new area that you are interested in

pursuing. Once you have chosen an interest you can then learn to build websites and create content in the chosen area that is relevant to your potential audience. You can the learn and adopt products from relevant suppliers or even create your own in order to create income generating value chains.

You will learn how it leverage different platforms on the vast internet marketplace including social media to help your reach grow and generate income through your web presence.


Interested in learning more?

Does this sound interesting enough for you? If you would like to know more you can click here to learn more and decide if you are ready to get started on your alternative retirement planning. There is a comprehensive beginner course that can help you get started now. You can also go through the review of the best online marketing course that I currently use. Click here for my reviews


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  1. This is an area that I am interested in. Old pension schemes are no longer relevant for the younger generation and the changing times. But how much interest do you think the older generation will be interested to learn this internet based piece of work? What is the attraction?

    1. Indeed, times are changing fast and so are the old ways especially with the advent of fintechs. There are many in the older generation who have now accepted that they may need to move with the times because retirement comes when there is still two or three decades of life to live. May are taking on internet activity seriously. we are hoping to educate those who are beginners to internet marketing or affiliate marketing to see that they can actually learn this and create some alternate income stream.

      The simplicity of the model is the attraction. There is no need for prior knowledge or experience, anyone can learn from scratch.

  2. I love the subject matter of this, its close to my heart and passions and the subject matter of my own site. I am aimed at baby boomers though, but notwithstanding loved the layout easy read. Good stuff.

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