learning seo optimization for beginners

Learn SEO optimization for beginners

As a beginner, you will quickly learn that SEO is the life blood of your website and activity you cannot escape, no matter how little. The internet is vast, and there are so many things to learn. You will soon discover that SEO is on the lips of every web and tech savvy talk and gossip online.

When you worry about your site’s performance, especially when it comes to getting traffic and being found on search engine result pages for organic search, the experts will tell you to learn SEO optimization. We will be taking a safe introductory journey to SEO so you can begin to learn the basics and hone your skill in the important subject with time.

You may still be wondering what is, why or where to learn SEO optimization for beginners. Here we go!

What is SEO?

It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The search engine being your potential visitors means to find you like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like. Optimization is the process of arranging your ducks in a row so that the searching process will give you maximum results.

SEO optimisation is like ducks in a row

The term describes the activities involving the visibility of your website in search engine organic/natural search (as opposed to paid traffic). When an internet user searches for things that relate to your product or service, optimized SEO is what increases the chance that your website would come up on the search result page according to your ranking.

What is search engine ranking?

In order words, SEO determines the position of your site in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). After all the term SEO is only three characters long, yet it has far-reaching action and implications. This is the reason you need to  learn SEO optimization as a beginner.

Does SEO matter?

It is like asking if food matters in human life. SEO drives the visibility of a website to you potential  visitors. Your website is a marketing tool to get the words out about your products and services, so your target audience would see what you do.

Without SEO it would be extremely difficult for potential customers to find you without you having to spend lots of money on paid adverting and other means of getting your users to find your website. SEO does this without incurring direct costs for visitors. Once it is properly optimized, SEO will generate almost unlimited traffic to your offering without any further effort from you. SEO is the lifeblood for successful online presence.

SEO will give you the following benefits

  • increased traffic
  • lower direct costs of marketing through focused
  • better user experience on your website
  • increased value of your brand

Trends in SEO

Since SEO is crucial for online presence, the use of keywords as of old is changing with the drive towards user intent searches. The search engines are more responsive to users’ way of life, and people are getting more precise with what they want. The trend right now is focusing on mobile usage, user experience, benefit-oriented content. Personal branding and usage of social media signals are good reasons to learn SEO optimization and take advantages of these free platforms to maximize your objectives for greater traffic and conversion into sales.

Key things to know as a beginner

It is important to know that you are dealing with a constantly changing and vast area of internet activity. SEO is not a subject to rush or where you go for magic; it is a subject you must understand its fundamentals to navigate it successfully. Think of it as marketing activity which talks to both people and machine, and you must satisfy both to win.

The areas you need to give attention to in achieving good SEO results include

  • relevant keywords within your articles
  • keep content natural and engaging for your visitors
  • adding images and videos to text on your website
  • internal links to your own content
  • external links to relevant authority sites
  • website load speed, keep it light

How to do keyword research for a beginner.

What do search engines look for in your content?

As you learn SEO optimization, you should know that SEO is not a one size fits all concepts and there is a diversity of ideas from various experts’ perspectives, but the majority agrees on the importance of SEO. Since SEO focuses on getting the search engine to discover and report your website, there is certain things search engine look for, such as

  • user experience
  • internal and external linking
  • relevant content and
  • social media signals.

Knowing the mix is what makes a good SEO expert.

Common mistakes in SEO that beginners make

The mistakes most beginners make as they learn SEO optimization is overlooking the four elements search engine look for as listed above. Your success in SEO depends on how you can bring these elements together in harmony to work for you.common SEO mistakes

SEO takes time, it is not to be rushed. You need a skeleton, then flesh, then veins in order to house the life blood of your website. And your activity will be the heart beat that pumps it around the body.

Not publishing regular relevant content on their websites will affect your SEO. Your content need to be incrementally adding value and on a regular basis. It needs to be engaging, with visitors making comments and discussion to show vibrancy and relevance of your content. People love an interesting topic that they agree or argue about. Some level of factual controversy or out of the box thinking and viewpoints can make for good conversations.

You also need to be actively engaged with your visitors, responding to comments and questions on time and with relevant answers as well.

Next Steps

Next I will be look at some of the techniques that can be used to achieve good SEO optimization. Kindly leave a comment, question or suggestion on the topic of SEO optimization.




  1. Hey Tyrell,
    I love SEO and I’m slowly learning more about it everyday and your article is very timely. My website isn’t very SEO recogized yet I guess because it takes some time to get indexed.

    But I have one question though, will my rankings drop if I stop creating content for a while? I realised that some of my posts that I publish on my blog went down in ranks in Google and I was quite surprised :/

    1. Hi Riaz. Regular updates of content on your website counts in your ranking so I believe it is s probably one of the reasons why your ranking has dropped. Also note that there are others competing for the same ranking spot so as the continue to update and create new competing content, your rank may also drop as a result.

  2. Hi Tyrell
    Thank you for sharing such useful information for internet marketing beginners. I found the article about SEO optimization very informative.

    You have written that one of the common mistakes in SEO that beginners make is not publishing regular relevant content on the website. Could you explain what exactly you mean? Is it enough to publish a post/page once a week?

    Thanks for the answer in advance.


    1. Thanks Igor. The keyword is regular. If you do it weekly then keep up that rhythm and make it regular. The key thing is that you become reliable to your returning audience if they know they expect content from you on a weekly basis. Do not break your back publishing daily if you can’t keep it up or if it does not make sense. Weekly is adequate.

  3. Thanks for this Tyrell – you’ve explained SEO perfectly for a beginner like me! I have found it hard when I am learning so much to publish regularly but I try to get a couple of articles online a week – is that enough? I might print this off and make sure I stick by your bullet points each time I publish an article – thanks again.

    1. Hi Steve. I am glad you found something useful on the article. The key word here regularly. If you can keep.up a regular pace, Google will reward you. Of course the interval is also dependent on the type of content and your audience. If you are publishing daily quotes it better be daily, if it’s a monthly magazine you have to keep up with a monthly schedule. On average, once a week is a good pace for content for a site that is s just beginning 

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