Is six figure mentors a scam?

You are probably wondering whether Six Figure Mentors a scam or legit business. You may be looking through the internet to find a suitable business online, or just an alternative way to earn money or preparing for retirement.  Welcome to my detailed review of some of the best online marketing course for beginners . You can be the judge after reading through this review.


Six Figure Mentors Logo

Six Figure Mentors is a supportive community and professional “digital business system” with many different types of customers. It is suitable for those requiring an automated system as well as sales support in closing deals.

OWNERS : Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek

Stuart Ross



SFM is sold as a fully integrated online marketing product which is made available for resell by affiliate who join. The training provided give you the business model and the techniques to use the product. The sales are taken care of by a team of SFM sales experts. One’s role is just to find the lead, closure is taken over by SFM.


The training predominantly uses video based training to deliver it’s the message, the content, techniques involved in the business model. The video are either a presentation by Stuart or records of workshops. Stuart explains the processes and the internet laptop lifestyle that he promotes.

The Digital Business System

The DBS is the central engine and selling point of SFM. It is designed to record and execute the whole marketing process.

Six Figures in Six Months, The SFM Formula

The methodology and affiliate marketing model presented is very sound. Stuart is a great marketer and knows what he is talking about. The various income streams are defined and provide a clear demarcation, effort and potential results that one can achieve.


There is a good level of support available. Firstly in terms of sales and marketing support in terms of closing deals is helpful for beginners. In terms of operational support, given the size of the team displayed on the website seems to be good. I have not personally experienced this but I have read a few reviews where there were complaints of late or no support when things fell apart.



The price structure at Six Figure Mentors is multi-level.

SFM Price List

  1. Free Access is free of charge. Give you access to 7 free videos
  2. Student Access Gives access to Module 1 of training plus a bonus course.
  3. Basic membership Gives access to the Digital Business Lounge
  4. Elite Membership


Closure of Sales

An affiliates responsibility is to find leads. Once the lead is captured

High Commission Structure

SFM has a number of high commissions for the products that are available to affiliates to sell. Some of them are in the region of 40-50%.

The commissions from your referral still comes to you when they purchase other products withing the SFM model later. You also make 2nd level commissions for referrals made by your own referrals.

Community assistance

One of the selling points is that there is a community of successful affiliates who will be willing and ready to assist once you are a paying member. This I have not verified.


High Cost of Upsells

SFM requires quite a sizeable upfront expenditure in terms of high registration/enrollment fees. These are just for the priviledge to become a members of this exclusive club of affiliates. The high monthly fees are also a significant expenditure for the training, which in the basic and bonus courses I only got high level presentation of the SFM business model but not much useable training. So I do not know what you will then get once you are a member.

It appears as if you pay a high fee to become an affiliate and to be educated about the SFM product rather than about creating your own business separate from SFM franchise.

High Quality therefore large videos

While it is great to have high quality videos for training, depending on the user’s data costs it can become such a daunting additional expense during the training. Some of the videos are more than an hour long. Additionally, there is a lot of marketing and promotional speak in a number of the videos so you do not get much additional value for the large video.

Multiple levels for additional fees

You have to pay much more to gain access for further products and levels of earning. This is before you can start using the functionality at that level.



This training is well suited for beginners as it starts from the very basic concepts of affiliate marketing and online business. However, once needs to have quite a bit of a strong pocket in order to be able to afford high up sells in application fees, enrollment fees and relatively high monthly membership fees.



Six Figure Mentors is for someone who can afford to part with quite chunk of change before they get a return because of the up sells and high membership fees. The course does not teach you to establish your own business, but it teaches you to use what is already there. It is mainly based on reselling SFM products rather than other products. The target market is relatively high net-worth individuals who can afford the high ticket products on offer, and this market is not the easiest to penetrate and convert. So you will take longer to get to a position of making money and therefore long break even period.

This is results in a rating of 4/10 in terms of ranking from my opinion based on my trial membership and other information that I have gathered.

You can check out my review my number one recommendation

Kindly leave a comment on your opinion of my review. Thank you.


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  1. They seem to be organised such that it is not easy to follow what they say. The branding seems top notch and I have seen a YouTube video of Stuart before. Sounds genuine. It is just that I do not have such kind of money, otherwise I would have attempted to sign up. It is quite attractive.

    1. That is true observation. Stuart is a great marketer and he has build a very clean and neat brand which is quite appealing. I guess also that maybe why he had put quite a price tag on it because he is targeting a focused market.

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