is affiliate marketing a business

Is affiliate marketing a business?

Affiliate marketing is a real business that one can embark on. Affiliate marketing is a job for an entrepreneur not an office job, unless your company requires it as part of their offering. However, here we are dealing with people that would like to work for themselves This is not a job, it is a business.

I have noticed that sometimes when people join an affiliate program or a training program like Wealthy Affiliate, there is sometimes a misconception of the nature of training and end result.

Online Certification Programme

This is a very practical hands on training. At the end of it you will have acquired very real skills on how to do affiliate marketing and establish an online business successfully. Many have actually established and became profitable from their establishment while they are still in training. Some took longer to break even and become profitable.

If you haven’t tried it, you can get started here for free.

Many a time people have a number of questions like the following.

What is the proof of what I am doing?

Many beginners ask; how do I prove that I am qualified in online marketing or affiliate marketing; do I get a certificate at the end; what do I put on my CV?

These are very important questions to ask no doubt. However, they present a very real issue that need to be addressed in my opinion. This is a very common thought process because of how we have been educated to work for someone else and not for ourselves.

So I am here to encourage you that you need to change that kind of thinking. You are now building a business, a business that you set yourself. It is yours. You are now the employer. Whether you run your business in your personal capacity or you register a formal company, it is yours. In the case of doing the training with Wealthy Affiliate, you are not employed by WA, nor are you employed by me as part of Alternate Affiliates.

Of course, you need a portfolio as a businessman. And that is the key thing, portfolio of what you have done, what you have delivered. So your focus is on delivery, having a resume of happy clients in the form of testimonials and positive feedback on your offering and customer service. Google does not care whether you finished your training, it cares about activity on your website, about traffic to your website, the quality of your content, the relevance of your content. When you become an authority site then you have become certified in affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship.

That is the proof of what you are doing!

How do I do my taxes?

is affiliate marketing a job or a business

Another question often asked is on what to do or how to do one’s tax returns. Firstly, as mentioned above, you are not employed by WA or AA. This is just a training resource that can help you start your own business online. Therefore taxes you handle yourself. It would be wise to consult a tax practitioner, whether you are doing it personally or as a company.

The affiliate program will usually just give you your commission and some reports that may assist in your tax compliance. But it not obliged to do any submission on your behalf to any authority. It is your responsibility to do the necessary.

How do I earn money and how do I get paid

Yet another common question is how does one make money online or with affiliate marketing. It is a good question especially for a beginner who does not have any idea how the value chain on the internet works. I did not know it when I started. But I went through the training I got to grips with the way the internet works and how one can monetize their activity. Secondly, there are various ways on earning money using the training here.

In general, money is made by promoting other people’s products for a commission. Commission range from about 4% for physical products to as much as 50% for information products. Some even go beyond the 50% mark especially with big ticket (expensive) products.

Additionally you can also sell your own products online and get most of the revenue yourself. If you set it up properly and become successful you can even start your own affiliate program where others can promote your products and you pay them a commission.

Specifically to what we offer here, you can become a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate where you promote the training and the resources offered here. If you bring in business you will get a commission that will be paid into a Paypal account once every month.

So you can setup a niche (specific market) website for yourself where you promote products of other affiliates like Different programs have different rules on how you qualify to be an affiliate, how much commission you earn, whether there are bands of earnings based on volume or length of service e.t.c. It would be advisable to research each one and understand the terms and conditions before signing up.

In a case where you sell your own products you will then handle the management of finances yourself on top of the sales payments from whoever will handle the online payment method you use. There are may to choose from.

Entrepreneurial training

So to conclude, here you are being trained as an entrepreneur to start and manage your own business. You are not being employed to earn a wage but to generate your own wealth based on the value that you provide to your target market.

If you haven’t started on this journey already, you can do so here. There is free training and 2 free websites on offer to get you started as soon as possible.




  1. Hey Tyrell,
    I used to think that Affiliate Marketing is more of a job than a business but after doing it for a while, it’s definitely a business alright.

    Because after a while of blogging, your contents are your assets and you will still get conversions even if you’re not working.

    You have a very cool name by the way, remind me of Game of Thrones 🙂

    1. it is indeed a great business, something one can do as their own boss rather than working to enrich another person. I am glad you have found success.

      On the name thank you very much. I will take it as prophetic, the very wealthy House Tyrell. Game of Thrones is a favourite series of mine. I am writing a historical fiction book of a somewhat similar nature. Will blog about it soon.

  2. Hi!
    Affiliate Marketing is a great business for entrepreneurs and somebody who want’s to make a living by online marketing.
    However, many people think that affiliate marketing is something that takes a minimum effort, and then you see results, so when they see that this is nit the truth and they don’t see results right away, they…..yes! They quit.
    But if you know this before, that it is like a real business then you’ll put in your time and effort to make sure that you come out as a success.
    Thanks for your great article!!

    1. Thanks for the great light you have just shown on the affiliate business Chanan. So true, you need to put in a lot of work until you reach your break even point like and then continue putting in more work to grow and sustain your affiliate business. That is the only way it is done.

  3. You make affiliate marketing sound pretty simple, possibly because it is pretty simple? I think more people should start working for themselves, I know I want to. Can you imagine the freedom you can acquire from being your own boss and working from where you want? I bet you work from where ever you want. How much do you like affiliate marketing?

    1. Interesting view point there Kenny. I think affiliate marketing is a simple concept, but like any other business it should taken and executed like a serious business that it is.

      I love affiliate marketing because it does give me an opportunity to explore a business in area of my interest and be able to make a living out of it. Like I said, it has to be done like a proper business in order for it to give the right level of returns.

      Thanks for the contribution Kenny.

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