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To make it simple and understandable for an online marketing course for beginners, I will use a very real applicable situation of how marketing knowledge can help one move from no business or from one level of business to another significant level of business.

Your imminent future now! For those who have never tried some form of online business or never heard of it, it can be quite daunting, mysterious or even unusual. For those who have tried some kind of online based venture before and it did not work out, you may think it is a scam or a hoax or some kind of money laundering scheme.

However, for those willing to learn, it is just a straight forward business process, an extension of the traditional old fashioned marketing empowered by the scale and flexibility of technology.

I am sure you have had the impression that websites are only for the corporate, or the hobby fanatics who have money; or for techies. What if you were to discover that the advancement of technology has made it possible for the most novice person to create a website in just a few simple clicks. It does not have to cost them a cent, not does it require them to have an expensive hosting server. You can now do this from your phone, your work laptop or desktop or your mothers home computer. And it only takes a few steps; choose, build, attract and earn which are explained in the Get Started to Success post. In this post we discuss the LEAR approach where you learn to apply the four steps through four actions i.e. Learn, Apply, Earn and Repeat.

Ordinary small business illustration

Here we will use an example of a lady called Sarah, who owns a small business where she teaches how to play the guitar. This music teacher makes $50 per music lesson which takes an hour to do. On average she has 4 students a day, making her a handsome $200 in revenue. By the end of the week she makes on average $1000 and each month an average of $4000. She would like to expand her business and increase her revenue.

So our music teacher can only make more money by advertising and doing more lessons per day. She can also do some classes on weekends. Another option is to increase her prices, which generally results in a reduction in sign ups as she has experienced over the years. To expand geographically she will have to either do less lessons and travel, or employ another teacher or find a partner who can teach at the other locations. This would usually cost more money if she does not find someone with her same level of passion willing to invest time rather than being paid a salary. In any case it will mean the profits will be divided, which is not a bad thing in itself. However, Sarah wants growth and more revenue even within a partnership.


Many animals are born with the ability to walk and even run from the day they are born. This is a survival instinct especially for migrating herds. They can therefore keep up with their parents or risk being devoured by predators. However, a human baby is without much mobile ability except basic survival instinct like breathing and suckling milk. It cannot walk, speak or fend for itself.

What is amazing is that in a few years it acquire knowledge and ability to become the most dominant creature on the planet. This is achieved through learning and imitation. Our greatest capacity and potential lies in our ability to learn.

So Sarah searched the internet to find ways of improving her business in places like wikihow  and she discovered she had been doing on those things they recommended. It kept her a steady stream of customers but it was not enough. She bumped into an Online Entrepreneurship and Marketing Certification Course which she was skeptical at first would address her needs. However, it indicated that if she learnt and applied the principles she could earn extra income from home. She thought this may be a side project to generate some income. So she signed up and went through the lessons.

She learnt that having a website is key to online entrepreneurship. She had paid someone to create a website for her with her information and contact details. She had not received much business from there except the occasional person who remembered her address and looked up her phone number. She had never received a singled email as there was not much functionality and activity on her site. She started learning about the importance of keywords on website, how advertising and email lists work.

Another thing that she learnt was that making videos of your products and offering is also very effective especially in this time where people are not keen to read too much.


For all the learning one can have, it would be futile if it is not applied to one’s life or objective. Application is driving force that turns the learning and ideas into practical outcomes.

So Sarah applied the learning from the course. She recreated her website and wrote articles about music and her experience. She also created videos in which she was teaching people about music, the guitar, tips and tricks to use to achieve certain objectives.

She learnt to use Facebook to her advantage. Since she had former students and friends on her Facebook, a lot of conversations started on her Facebook and she linked them to her website to see more details. This increased the traffic to her website.

One day someone commented on her blog and it was such a revelation. The person said they liked her explanations and saw how she played the guitar and wanted lessons. Because the person was in another country. Sarah apologized that she could provide this person the lessons. It would be expensive for the person to travel. Then the person asked if she had any lessons on video instead.

Since he had been recording videos for her site, she record a basic lesson on video sent it to the person. The person was so excited, a week letter contacted Sarah asking for more lessons. He was willing to pay her for the videos.

It was a light bulb moment for Sarah, she then recorded more lesson and decided to upload the videos on her site.


The word earn probably brought the term money in your head. That is true. However, here we view it in a few more dimensions than money. You earn experience of applying what you learn. You will make good choices that will impress you. You will also make mistakes that will depress or even cost you. However, the key thing is to learn from those mistakes and thereby earning experience.

A former executive at a bank I worked before used to say, experience is not well understood by people. People say they have 10 year experience in a job, yet all they have is one year experience that has been repeated for 10 years. You only earn experience through application, learning and questioning.

So Sarah realized that she could earn money selling these lessons online. She started recording more lessons and indicating to people to contact her to arrange payment before she could send an email with the videos. Later she established a upload site which she would only give a password once the person had paid.

So now the lessons she had learnt were starting to pay off. The experience she had earned with that one customer presenting a problem became a defining moment in her imminent future of earning.


learn apply earn automateOnce you have learnt some lessons and working principles, it would be to your advantage to repeat them. And in repeating them you can look at ways you can make the repetition automated. Take the following example.

Sarah went over the lessons again and realized that she was running an online store. She had not really though of it that way. She went to the lessons that revealed to her how online stores worked. She added a shopping cart to her website and loaded the lessons as products. She linked payment through Paypal and credit cards and started getting more some sales.

When she went through some pricing strategies she came across a concept called funded proposals. This is the concept whereby you give your customer something of more value that the price you charge them for it. She started bundling her lessons for the price of one. She would put up first five lessons for $10 as a downloadable video bundle. Then the next 3 intermediate lessons for $15 and advanced lessons for $30 per video class. With time and the ranking of her website increasing with activity she starting making as much money through the website as she used to make giving actual lessons.

She had now automated and expanded her business in the spare time between the normal lessons and after hours. She actually eventually reduced the number of one on one lessons she was doing and started doing only advanced classes for $250 per lesson. She even published physical copies of the DVD lessons that she sold from her music shop. She employed people to sell these products at the shop and to manage the sales.

So if you are ready to explore the imminent explosion of your ideas into profitable business, get signed up on the Online Entrepreneurship Certification Course and judge for yourself. There is a free starter membership you can sign up for, no credit card required. I am more than certain you will find value in this course.

For more details on the process go to the Get Started page and see how simple it really is.


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  1. What a great illustration of changing over a business in the way that it operates.

    I am willing to learn these techniques and hopefully apply it to my numerous ideas of business I struggle to get off the ground.

    So that Get Started page is what you recommend I do.

    1. It is amazing how when you are so involved in your business you do not see some things that are of value in it. That is where the thinking out of the box concept came from. You have to step out of your own box or you have to ask someone out of the box. That is the value that is brought about by the recommended training.

      To answer your question, yes, that is the recommended training, with Wealthy Affiliates. There is a community of like minded people that are ready and standing outside your box to see the value that is already embedded and undiscovered in your own online business. You can go ahead and try it out for yourself with the free Starter membership. To get more detail you can checkout my review of Wealthy Affiliate on this page http://beginner.alternateaffiliiates.com/review-of-online-courses

  2. You have got a gift of illustrating these business scenarios very simply. I did join Wealthy Affiliates and one this gives me a lot of impetus to pursue the lessons. So far the welcome and offers for help and encouragement is overwhelming.

    I would like to pursue simple business models like these and also see how I can expand my fitness coaching offering. May be I will record it on video and sale. But how do I protect my product from piracy when I put it available on the internet?

    1. Thank you for the complement. Wealthy Affiliate is a great online marketing course for beginners and active businesses.
      About the protection of your property on the internet it is a big puzzle. One way you can do it is to only display previews of your videos and provide the full one in a private link that the one who has purchased can access. So they are not publicly available. Include a copyright statement at the beginning and at the end of the video to advise your customers. It is their responsibility to uphold the law, yours is to educate them. There is no way that I know to prevent piracy. If I find one I will post it here.

  3. I like the automate part. If i could find a business that I can setup and automate then I would be happy to then concentrate on things I love to do. Are you open to looking at my business model and advising me how to proceed according this process?

    1. Automation is key to success especially for beginners to online marketing as well as established businesses. You want your business to operate in your absense because your customers are in different time zones. You just need dashboards to monitor activity and notification to knows when something needs action.

      I am more than willing to have a look at your business. You can send me details on tyrell@alternateaffiliates.com and I will have a look and give you feedback. Thank you for your interest.

  4. So where can I get a full set of this marketing course to download. I do not spend so much time on the internet, i prefer reading physical copies. Do you have it in a pdf format or something?

    1. Hi Lebo. There is no pdf with with a full marketing course at the moment. I do think it is good suggestion. I will create one for you and I will send it to you. Please check with me by the end of September if I have not yet done so. I will probably send you in sections rather than in one go. Send me an email on tyrell@alternateaffiliates.com

  5. This is quite an interesting and simple illustration of how business should be done. I am so encouraged to push on the ideas that I have been always having and not pursing. I will run some of the ideas by you once I have put something down. Will send to the email you put up there for Lebo.


    1. You are more than welcome to run your business ideas by me. Most of the time our businesses become complicated unnecessarily. Simplifying them is always best, so you take in suggestions and make changes quickly that way.

  6. I love the story that you put together. It excellent explains the concept of opening an online business.

    Online marketing can be a great way to make money. I recommend you get into in if you are willing to put time and effort in. If you don’t then online marketing isn’t for you.

    1. That is so true, just like any business you really need to put your back into it if your really want to make something out of it. Everyone else is working hard for the same captive market. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Hello here. It is interesting to read how you explain about the structure of the online business.
    I guess that everybody would like to earn money in one or other way.
    Scammers and creators of shiny programs which do not work know how to attract naive visitors.
    Unfortunately, people are left with empty wallets and broken trust about online business.
    You explain the path to success clearly and easy in an understandable manner.
    Shiny programs and products do not bring real income. The education and right mentors do.
    Visitors will understand how everything works and that everybody can achieve success as your mentioned Sarah did.
    All the best educating people. Nemira.

    1. Thank you for that additional clarity. It is the simple practical application examples that also helped me decide to start pursuing online marketing. The need for a mentor is very key, so just like I got a mentor for my offline business, I recently engaged one for my online business as well. I appreciate the feedback.

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