how to use tweeter for social media marketing

How to use twitter for social media marketing

These days news travels faster than the speed of sound indeed. It does not wait for the big network news channels nor the big time publishers like CNN in order to reach the common man in the street whose only prized possession is a small handheld gadget in the most remote environs of any nation. In the old days it used be a common occurrence to hear the chip or tweet of a bird and make nothing of it beyond appreciating the beautiful sounds of nature. Today it is the the self same that signifies the greatest breaking news and the launch of the latest product or service.

a tweet is a message of up to 140 characters.

You must have heard of all the interesting facts about twitter and now thinking of how you can join the large community of people. The advantages of twitter range from connecting with your favorite celebrity, catching the latest trending new in your area of interest or social sphere to marketing your business products and services. In this article, we would be discussing some key things you need to know about how to use twitter for social media marketing and take the most advantage of it.

Why is twitter important in digital marketing?

Because the mobile phone has penetrated all walks of life on this planet, the whole spectrum of the marketplace it is now reachable with the shortest of message bursts right into their hands or pockets screaming for immediate attention. Statistics from a research by Nottingham Trent University indicates that an average person picks up their mobile phone about 85 times in a day. That is a whooping 33% of the time that a person is awake. Therefore marketers would do good not to ignore this captive audience behaviour in crafting their marketing strategies.

Social media is taking the lead in marketing campaigns all over the world. A wide age group range is now using social media including tweeter to keep themselves informed on the things happening around them. Different businesses use twitter to reach out to and increase their fan base. Twitter can be used to increase brand awareness. Therefore using twitter as a digital marketing tool is no more an option but a necessity.

What is trending

Trending on twitter is now a buzz word that many are using. Just like in fashion trends, tweeter trending is the scenario where topics or hashtags are discussed more than others. There is a tendency that a catchy or controversial topic will catch people’s interest and they start sharing it further and commenting about the same topic. A common way of setting a common thread to tie the conversation together is the use of hashtags, which are bookmark labels prefixed by a hash which when someone searches for they will return results that have that hashtag in the results.

Marketers can make use of this technique to tie their marketing campaign, pay off lone, product name or slogan in order to create, gain and maintain momentum of interest on their chosen key word or hashtag.

Going viral

This is not an infection in the medical sense although it borrows the word and the concept from the word virus. Content shared by you would be seen by your followers and the people they retweet (share) it with. Now, imagine a situation where the content you shared appeals to many people and it continues getting retweeted, then the topic is likely to go viral. If this content or tweet is one of the most discussed or talked about at that particular time on twitter, then the topic is viral. Pictures and videos of animals, places and events and much more are things that could go viral.

Once you go viral, your exposure skyrockets. Some definitions puts the number of shares of an article or video to be considered viral it has to number in the range of at least 5million share in 3-7days. If your content is well structured and planned you can actually direct this interest towards your service and product offerings on your website or affiliate links.

Simple tricks to increase followers

Twitter can be boring if you have no followers. There are different means through which one can increase their followers. There are some websites that help you increase your followers by creating a pyramid of followers, such websites include,, Twimod. All you need to do is log in into these websites and follow their instructions.

You can also increase Twitter followers by following other people. This way, ask the people you are following to follow you back.

Using pictures with tweets has also proven to be an effective way of increasing twitter followers. It has been found that tweets with pictures are likelier to be retweeted than tweets without pictures.

You should also keep your twitter account active by tweeting and retweeting interesting topics. This would draw more audience to your account and therefore, lead to increase in followers.

 Advertising on twitter

Twitter has different programs for businesses that want to advertise their products and services. You can also contact influencer, people that have a large audience, and get them to retweet your tweets.

What not to do on twitter

There are numerous things you can do on twitter to make your twitter experience an interesting one. Things like following a celebrity, retweeting, engaging in conversation, connecting with old and new friends, etc. are generally what people do on twitter. However, there are also things you should desist from doing to avoid creating a scene:

  • Avoid tweetstorms: express your idea or statement within the limit of 140 characters allowed on twitter. Avoid writing sentences that run from a tweet to the next.
  • Avoid unnecessary retweet: it is good to be selective of the tweets you choose to retweet. Retweet only tweets with meaning messages. This would draw your audience to every retweet you make and not push them away.
  • Don’t mix twitter with other social networks: contents on other social networks should stay there, avoid sharing from Facebook or other social media all the time.


  1. Hi, Tyrell. I don’t tweet hence this is interesting information for me. And I didn’t know a tweet can’t be more than 140 characters! LOL. Thank you for sharing this. There is a lot of good tips. I shall be considering how to incorporate Twitter with my social media marketing pursuits. Cheers!

    1. We all learn something new every day. The messages are as short as a bird’s tweet and usually in short message notation similar to ones used on phone sms’s. You can also add pictures with your posts, which adds a thousand words as the saying goes. I am glad to be of some help Cindy. All the best in your social media journey.

  2. Hi! Thanks for this great post on Twitter.

    I must admit I’m one of those people that isn’t glued to their cell phone 24/7 having to know what Madonna ate for breakfast etc. I guess it’s because I don’t really know how Twitter works. Your article is a great introduction for me; however, do you know where I can get some kind of a guide for newbies?

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