How to do keyword research for a beginner?

Keywords are the key to generating organic traffic from search engines. When one is beginner one needs to learn how to do keyword research for content marketing. It is important to understand what keywords are, what they are used for and how to research them.


What is a keyword

What do you do when are looking for something on the internet. You usually go to Google or Bing or Yahoo and type in whatever you are searching for. In order to find what you are looking for you type in certain words that identify the key thing you want. For example, if you are looking for a spare part for your phone you will type in “spare parts for Samsung Galaxy” There are several keywords in this phrase. Firstly “spare parts”. But this could be spare parts for a car, an aeroplane, a doll or a computer. Adding the product name “Samsung Galaxy” narrows the search results not just to phones but to a specific model. This will return many results too. You can even focus it more by adding specific model like “spare parts for Samsung Galaxy Note 7” This will return very specific results.


Why are keywords important?

Keywords are very important as they are the key elements that define your niche. They narrow down to specific selection and options that users are looking for. They are the key direction finders for what users on the internet are searching for.


What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying, reviewing and refining your selection of keywords. You first have to find your focus keywords and then find out how they fair in terms of attracting traffic to your website. A number of research tools will give you statistics in terms of number of searches the keywords are used in per month, how much traffic the keywords generate, how much competition the keywords have already on existing websites and how much value you can get from writing a post on those keywords know as article power.


How does one do keyword research?

There are several tools and techniques for doing keyword research. Simple techniques include a process of elimination from the key items in your niche. You need to figure out what your target audience want, what questions do they ask, what reviews do they look for?

Then you can use existing search tools like Google using a method called alphabet soup. In this you type in partial keywords that you generated from the first exercise and see what the search engine comes up with as an auto complete feature. This gives you a set of common phrases that are used. From there you can refine or generate more. More importantly you can then use keyword research tools to check on the number of searches, traffic generated and present competition on the keywords to determine whether they are worth pursuing.


Tools for researching Keywords

Starting with the simple ones.

Ubersuggest Ubersuggest is a powerful alphabet soup type tool. You give it a keyword or phrase and it will generate alternative constructions and elaborations of the keyword or phrase starting with the first letter of the alphabet to the last letter of the alphabet. It will give you 3 to 5 options per alphabet letter. This is a good tool for creating topics for your post that follow a similar theme yet contain a variety of angles. I even use it to generate subsections to my articles. It speeds up the content creating process.


Jaaxy Jaaxy is powerful keyword research tool that provides a lot of powerful statistics and more for refining keywords. The trial version gives you 30 free searched which are quite handy and enough for a beginner to get started. Once you get the hang of it and are more experienced you will find that upgrading may be of much value in order to make full use of the tool. When you join Wealthy Affiliates as a free Starter member you will also get access to the 30 free searches on Jaxxy. The free training also gives you some insights on keywords and how to use Jaxxy during the free period.


WA Keyword ToolWealthy Affiliates provides a comprehensive keyword tool to its Premium members. You need to be a paid up member to access it, but the good thing is that if you are a member the full power of this tool is available to you at no extra charge with unlimited searches. It’s effectiveness is comparable to Jaxxy although it does not have some feature that Jaxxy offers.



What is online traffic?

Online traffic is the number of people that will visit your website at any given time period. These users will either browse your site, click through your pages, read your articles, view your videos and utilise whatever functionality is on your website.  There is once off traffic that will view and leave. Then there is traffic that will stay engaged to your content.

This traffic may originate from search engine search results, or from links on your social networks, or your marketing channels like links in emails, on your marketing material or from other articles on other websites you may post articles or other people who may write about and link to your content.


What is organic traffic?

Organic traffics is traffic that comes naturally. Naturally in internet terms is when traffic comes without you exerting direct effort. For example, once you have a good searching engine ranking and people who are searching for content find your site in the results and then come to your site. This is the pinnacle of internet success because then you can receive traffic at any time from wherever your potential customers are.


Where do you place your keywords?

You can use keywords in various places of your online offering to make the most of your efforts. Your include them in your blogs as you write relevant articles for your audience. When people comment on your article, take the opportunity to use keywords in your comment responses as well. This will help with your ranking. When you do email marketing, utilise those keywords as well in the content to your audience as well. Also include links back to your website so that this results in more traffic. On post on your social networks, utilise the same or similar in order maintain harmony between you external content and the conversion content that is on your website.

I really hope this helps in providing some clarity to the topic of keywords especially for those who are taking the online marketing course for beginners.

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  1. I am new to internet marketing and am learning these terms for the first time. Thank you for the simple explanation, it is getting much clearer now.

    1. I am glad it is clear for you. If you have any questions on keyword research or any other internet marketing concepts do shout. Will gladly provide you some insights.

    1. Thanks Archie. That is the whole idea. Let me know if there are any gaps or extras I can include. I appreciate your feedback

  2. I am starting to get the hang of this keyword thing. I have been blogging for the fun of and never paid any attention to the type of keywords I was using. I have always stayed on the topic of what I deal with but did not know that there was a value and let alone some tools for doing this thing. Thank you for the information.

    1. That is great to know. Keep learning. Keywords are very key to getting your work recognised by Google and to get higher and better traffic to your blog. Watch this space for more relevant information.

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