How to build a website in 4 easy steps

In this section I will describe how to build a website in 4 easy steps in WordPress.

This is a follow up lesson from the Getting Started 4 step process of establishing an online business.

Before you begin

1. Choose a niche

First thing is that you need to have decided on your niche, the selected area of the market, your target group. There is more detail on how to do this in the post on doing keyword research. Within Starter membership you will find this in lesson number

2. Choose a website name

Secondly you need to have decided on the name of your website. Your keyword research in the section on choosing a niche will inform what name you give your website. It can be in the form a keyword or it can be in the form of a brand or if you have a company name already.

There are two options in creating a website. One is to use the free website offered on the SiteRubix platform on Wealthy Affiliate. The second one is to use your own domain name that you need to purchase on Wealthy Affiliate platform or any domain name retail service like or

Option 1 : Free Website Option

Your website name will be a subdomain of the domain. A sub domain is a virtual web space that is denoted by the prefix of a domain name. For example when I was starting out a WA. I decided that my niche was the drone market. I then chose the name droneapex as my preferred name. But because I was still on the free Starter membership I had to use the free website option on the domain. So my website was called

Option 2 : Own domain name

 If you are Premium member, you can buy your own domain once you have decided on it. To make it simple you can register it within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform or you can register it elsewhere. If you register it elsewhere, you can get the name servers from WA and update the entries on your domain name reseller to point to Wealthy Affiliate NameServers.

Creating a Website in 4 easy steps

The full training on how to do this is in lesson No. 4 on the Level 1 Certification course.

Creating a free website

 Step 1: Choose type of website and domain name


Step 2 : Name your website


 Step 3: Choose a look or template design for your website



Step 4: Build Your Website



What you get with it includes, 2 free websites, 5GB Space, 500,000 visitors per month bandwidth, 2GB data transfer, Full backup.



  1. That is a very quick way of creating a website. On Wix it takes about 20 to 30 Steps to get a site completed on a subdomain. I will give this a try. Where do I find the link for that?

  2. I used this SiteRubix tool to build my website a few weeks ago. It is amazingly simple to create a website and then get started on the content. And I love the fact that there is training on how to build the content, customise the templates and even how to make money off your website. Unlike the free website I had at namecheap. There was no help and I struggled with the WordPress templates. I would recommend this to anyone anyday.

    1. That I agree with you having tried others before. The training comes in quite handy plus the community of people willing to support you on asking is helpful.

  3. Ive used the siterubix subdomain myself, Its a great platform for beginners looking to build a website and online business.

    Its rare to find such an organized process which covers all the ground for you. You wont find many places which offer you 2 of your very own website for free.

    Its also very simple to convert your subdomain into your own domain, which eventually is the best route when building your brand.

    1. Indeed it is a very comprehensive service for beginners for free. I also have not found anything that compares to it in terms of depth and support. Good for you.

  4. Tyrell, you just took a topic I always thought was too complicated for someone like me and made it understandable and simple. I never spent much time on the free Rubix domains, but it sounds like it is a great way to get started in Internet Marketing, and you certainly can’t beat the value with the price at $0. Wealthy Affiliate makes it so simple and easy to get up and running in no time. It looks like the big challenge is to figure out what niche you want to create content for and then what
    theme works bet for you. Thanks for the good info. This will help a lot of folks that may be too timid to get in on a good thing.

    1. True Warren, for someone who is starting out, it is key to have a simple way of building a website so that they can quickly get started on more important topic of choosing and niche and starting to build content as you rightly pointed out. The quicker one gets momentum the more they can keep their learning pace and interest. It then takes away the timidness for sure. Thank you for the feedback.

  5. Well, that is a quick way to build a website! And especially with the free option, it is a nice way to try and build a website, see what happens!

    Can you stay on the free subscription for ever? Would you suggest that?
    Moreover, what does the paid subscription offers more than the free? Is it worth the upgrade?

    1. Yes Marios, you can stay on the free subscription forever. Here is how you can come to a decision on whether it is good for you or not.  

      If you are a total beginner at internet marketing and online business it will take a lot of effort working on your own, researching, finding videos, e-books and blogs with right information. It can be done, the material is out there, yet it requires a lot of personal time and effort because it is not in one place.

      If you are experienced in internet marketing already you can actually use the free hosting to execute your marketing strategy and can make money off the affiliate program and any other niche you may choose.

      The advantages of upgrading is that you get access to tried and test set of systematic training modules with videos and examples, you have access to real time help from numerous experienced community members, you also get higher commissions when you promote the affiliate program offered. There are many other benefits you can get from this detailed review.


      I hope this helps.

      Additionally I would say that, like any other business venture you have to be serious and put in the time and effort required to learn and apply if you want to make it a successful business venture. The material and means is there. You will need to do your part.

      And to answer your question, it is worth upgrading.

  6. Thank you Tyrell, you saved me a lot of time setting up my first website. I saved your website to my favorites for future reference. I know I’ll need to refer to this article once I’m ready to build another site. Thanks for a great article and keep up the good work.


    1. I am glad you found it useful Jack. The process makes it simple enough so that you spend more time working on the business side of things. All the best in your journey. 

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