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Have you ever wondered how the great online businesses like Facebook, Google, Bing e.t.c. make their money? How come they are so big yet they were created by these youngsters straight from college. The answer to that question is rather simple.

One of my former executives once said that rocket science might seem complex. But at its core it is a collection of simple things, that have been brought together through discipline and diligence to accomplish sometimes unimaginable things. But, the truth remains, at its core, it is simple things.

We can help

You are in the right place to discover how these companies are successful. These are your own humble beginnings of a great online business start.

Here at alternate affiliates we will help you discover these simple yet clever things that they did, and also show you how to do it in your own online business.

Most importantly, Les Brown said, you don’t have to be great to get started, but you MUST get started to be great.

Four Step Process

Here is a simple 4 step process that is if you are willing to put your mind and time to, you can succeed.

affiliate process

This is so simple that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, your office, your backyard, at the airport lounge, bus stop or at the restaurant while you wait for your date. You can use your computer or your phone or tablet, whatever you choose.

First Step : Choose an Area of Interest.

Do you have a dream to be successful? What is it? Is it a hobby, a talent, a desire, a passion? Maybe you have a great online business idea for your hobby but have no idea how to make it successful. Write it down. Maybe you like writing poetry and would like to reach a worldwide audience. Maybe you sell custom made clothing to your peers and would love to turn it into a successful business. Maybe you teach guitar or piano lessons and would like to expand the business and still get some rest.

There is a marketplace within your immediate community, and a bigger market place of close to 3 billion internet users whose portion has an interest in what you do. And you want to reach them and add value to them and get a healthy return on it.

Our training will also help you refine your choice and options on your area of interest.

Second Step : Build a presence

John C Maxwell emphasizes that getting started is the key to success. In order for you run a great online business it has to be present somewhere. A website is like your store, where you place your products or your workshop where you provide your service.

To build a website is as simple as couple of mouse clicks and minimal typing. You also get 2 free websites available with the starter membership and at least 8 design templates.

Click here to see the step-by-step process of the building a website.

Third Step : Attract visitors and increase your ranking

If my area of interest is remote controlled helicopters, I need to attract people who are interesting in the hobby of flying remote controlled helicopters, planes and drones. So I will display the helicopters on my website, write blogs about the helicopter features, the common issues I encounter, the spares available etc. I can also compare two or more models showing their features, pros and cons and relative pricing. This will improve my site’s ranking in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So when people search for remote controlled helicopters they will see my site listed on the first page and therefore visit my site. For more on ranking click here.

People can start engaging and commenting on my content that I post or display on the website. This is the required traffic that will be useful for the authority of my site in terms of achieving the next step.

Fourth Step : Earn revenue

Once the traffic picks up on my site, I can then display products from remote controlled helicopter manufacturers and re-sellers like, ebay or Parrot. This is a concept called affiliate marketing, of which I then earn a commission on the sale of products through the traffic on my site. many manufacturers and re-sellers run affiliate programs

If it is my interest, I can even start ordering supplies in bulk and selling directly to customers. Or I could choose to buy parts and assemble these toys for resell or for fun. This website can start earning money for me without me actively involved.

Great Online Business Opportunities

Our training program is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners. Even those who have had an online presence for some time can benefit from this course as it explores various strategies to consider with support of very experienced practitioners. Within the community there are over 600,000 members actively engaged in the training and in the practice of online entrepreneurship.

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  1. Hey this is a really great explanation of how to make money on the internet. Growing up I was always confused on how TV shows made money and then someone explained the more viewers you get, the more the show can charge for commercials and advertisements.

    The same is with websites. If you get more viewers you can charge more for your ads. I do like your idea of selling affiliate products or possible your own products too. I can see how that make a lot of money. Have you had success doing that yet?

    I checked out Wealthy Affiliate too. That place looks amazing. There’s so many scams online but this doesn’t seem to be one.

    1. I had the same wonder about TV too. Wondered how they knew to count the viewers. With technology it’s now simpler.

      With affiliate products I have begun to see some income come through, not yet at the rate I planned. But as I learn more through Wealthy Affiliates I can see the gaps which I am addressing. Overall I have seen it work

  2. I love that quote you put there about getting started to be great, that is a step i recently took. I never thought of the web as simple as that. I am however struggling with a choice of interest to pursue, do you think you can help in that regard, especially for people who are new or beginner in this online affiliate businesses.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Getting started is really the key. Many struggle to overcome the getting started part. Once you start, it gets easier.

      In terms of choice of interest, which is called a niche, you need to choose something that is close to you area of knowledge, expertise or interest because you already know a bit about it without doing much else.

      I am going to be posting in the next two days about how to choose a niche and how to narrow a niche down. You get more step by step process to help with that. Do come back and check it out.

  3. The second step where it says click here to build a website is not working, please check it out and I want to create a website for something I am working on to market my products. Do I have to buy a domain for that or what? How does it work?

    1. Thanks for advising, i have fixed it. For the free website you do not necessarily have to buy a domain. The site will be hosted as a sub-domain on ours. If you do register and upgrade to Premium membership you can then buy as many as 25 domains that you can host for no extra charge above your membership fee.

  4. I agree the process of doing things follows a simple path. But the reason why many cannot be rocket scientist is because it takes a lot of intellect and diligent hard work. By deduction I believe that this is the same, one has to have the time and smartness to understand how this works and be diligent in applying the principles before one can see the result. So what per-requisites does one needs to have a good foundation for this business?

    1. That is a true and precise assessment Julika. It will indeed be of advantage if one has prior knowledge and/or experience in the field of internet marketing.

      At the same time, this training is designed to help someone who has no prior knowledge in the industry to learn from scratch and get started applying the principle and build the business from ground up. That is the greatest feature of the course on offer.

      There is a free Starter membership which gives one an opportunity to have a view of whats on offer and make an informed judgement on whether that suits their capacity for learning and their goals.

  5. Do you need a qualification or background in sales and marketing to make the best use of this online marketing opportunity? I have never been good at selling things but I am interested to know more.

    1. No you do not need any experience in sales and marketing for this course or the business opportunity. You will be taught the basics and the specifics of marketing required for you to set up and run a successful online business.

      You will also be taught and provided the various critical tools that will help you in your business.

      In addition, you will have access to a community of vastly experienced and successful online entrepreneurs to assist you 24/7 whenever you you need advise or assistance.

      The Starter Membership which is free of charge will teach you how this works in simple terms any beginner can understand. The rest of the training follows a similar simple to understand format that is quite helpful for beginners.

      So not hesitate to ask for further clarification in need. Thank you.

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