facebook basics for beginners

Facebook Basics for beginners

If by chance you are not on Facebook yet you must have heard of how cool Facebook is from your friends. You also want to use Facebook for your digital marketing or small business but do not know how. You may want to make the decision to join the platform that can connect you to over a billion people. Yes, you heard right, a billion people. The question that would be going through your mind is what are those things needed to get your Facebook adventure started? In this article, I would be exposing you, as a beginner to some basic things you can do to have a successful Facebook experience.

What is the fuss about Facebook?

Facebook serves many purposes; connecting the faces of old friends, meeting new friendly faces, sharing with those you have common interests, finding lost classmates, discovering groups talking about a favorite hobby e.t.c. It can also be used to promote your business online to the vast audience on the internet.

What would you need?

You will need to create your own account on Facebook. To do that you would need things like email, phone number, and your full name to register a Facebook account. You can then fill in the information that users need to know about you. Or if you are like me not so long ago, you may be apprehensive about sharing your information online yet. Take heart as the Facebook developers thought about that too. You can set your privacy settings concerning what you want people to know and what you want to share only with your friends or simply keep private to ensure only you or a specific a set of people have access to your information.

What will enlighten your face on this book?

You can get to invite your friends by sending friendship requests to them to join you. As soon as some know you are there they will send you friend requests as well. It would be prudent to accept and welcome them. You can then communicate with them via posting on their wall or posting on your own wall. Those in your network will see your post and like it or even comment on it.

You can add picture and group them into albums according to how you want to organize them. You also have access to private messaging on a one on one basis with your friends. You can also do all this on your smartphone via a Facebook app.

Any use for business?

You shouldn’t limit yourself to the fun part of Facebook alone. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool used by top businesses to market their products and connect with the target audience. One thing you should note before using Facebook and setting up your Facebook marketing campaign is that engagement with people is crucial. Don’t just set up your Facebook page and expect people to come in and buy whatever you are selling. Engage your users and follower’s every day. Engagement is required to build trust. Your engaged Facebook fans see you as trustworthy and feel free to transact business with you.

Facebook Mentions

Another tool that is important in engaging your followers is the Facebook mention. The purpose of this tool is to increase engagement between public figures and their fans. This tool is mainly for verified celebrity.

It allows you to share with your Facebook followers, join a conversation, and see what your fans are saying about you.

Increasing your followers

Another very useful way of increasing Facebook followers and engagement is by organizing contests. There are Facebook laid down rules and regulation you need to know to start a contest. The contest can be done by asking people to provide answers to a question, and the top three users with the best answers get gifts.

Photo tagging is another way of engaging your users. Take lots of photos during events organized by your company and encourage people at the event to check out the photos on your Facebook page. Encourage them to like and tag themselves, this way their friends would see the pictures, thus increasing your Facebook reach.

Reaching out to influencers that have lots of followers can be very helpful in increasing your engagement. These influencers are trusted, and when you get them to share your post, it will get to a lot of their fans. This would ultimately increase your Facebook reach and lead to more sales.

Facebook groups can’t be left out when trying to increase your Facebook reach. When you join a very interactive Facebook group, you can promote your business and increase your sales by engaging the group followers.

What about Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising has become increasingly popular as a means of generating business opportunity. Facebook itself survives on the advertising spend of its customers. Why should your business not benefit from the same? Facebook Ads are very useful in advertising your products; though, it might lead to incurring some costs.

Spreading the word

One great method of adverting a product is by word of mouth. Facebook is a great meeting place for people making conversations about this and that of which your product offering may be one of this or that topic of discussion. Facebook is a good platform for spreading the word.

Sourcing the word

You can also use Facebook a great source of market research for your new products or feedback about your existing product or service. You can do this within a group or groups of people who have an interest in your product. You can also reach out to those outside your market in order to get a feel of how they react to your product or what they may want your product to address before you introduce it to them.

This way you can maximize your marketing campaigns based on knowledge and statistical parameters that can help predict success rate with some reasonable accuracy.

Just keep things simple and follow these guidelines above. You would find your time on Facebook worthwhile after all.


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  1. Hi Tyrell,

    I enjoyed reading about facebook basics for beginners. I am just getting my feet wet in social marketing; and I find myself being very tentative. I think I fear making some grave error by sharing something the wrong way or something.

    This article has helped me some; but I think I need more in depth training of how to market for my site on facebook. I am going to have to search out some of the extra training on WA.

    Your site is very professional and easy to navigate.

    Thank you for a great post!


    1. Thank Jeannie for your feedback. I went through a similar transition. The more you learn the more comfortable you become. My other approach is also to try some thing and see how it turns out. That way you will learn quicker as well. So you can strike a balance between getting more training and training while doing. All the best.

  2. Facebook had been changing how people interact since it’s inception.

    Long gone are the days whereby you have to try to reach people face to face and I am really thankful for Facebook for letting me keep in touch and meet many awesome people around the world!

    Thank you for sharing your views, there exist a very strong potential on Facebook to reach out to people be it personal or on a business setting!

    1. It is so true that Facebook has changed the way we interact. I am also connected to high school mates from 25 years ago spread across the globe as a result.It is a powerful medium Leo.

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