Best ways to make money online for free or little money

What is the best way to make money online for beginners for free or little money? We are all looking for ways to make new money. I have searched and tried a few and I will tell you some of the best and simple ways that I have found to work well for me. This will be suitable for beginners.

Search and Research

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to do or try out many things including how to make money online for free.

The first obvious tools one can use are your search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. YouTube has become one very useful source for step by step instruction on almost anything you can think of on this planet.

When I started my construction company, the first job I did was a Do It Yourself (DIY) job at my house. I was changing a bathroom basin and cupboards in my daughter’s bathroom. I watched YouTube videos and managed to do the job. When I got stuck I searched again on YouTube and found a solution. There I managed to save money I would have paid a professional plumber. Additionally I charged myself professional rates and paid my company the invoice, therefore making income to fund my marketing costs for actual jobs on the market.

There are also some useful websites that give you step by step instructions on many subjects like WikiHow. You will find many strategies and steps to do many things. Then there are many websites that offer training, many blogs done by experienced people, enthusiasts and wannabes alike who do reviews, tips and advise based on their knowledge and experience. It is useful to find these and learn a thing or two. You may find things you can relate with that may work for you.

Later, when you learn online marketing, there are plenty more tools to use for focused research. For now, let us just look at the simple examples.

Costs Structures

There are different cost structures to earning money online. There are the DIY stuff, free stuff, low cost, medium to high cost depending on your budget and the scale of operation that you intend.

Zero Cost – Do It Yourself (DIY)

You can choose to do things yourself at your pace and at your own time. However there is one cost that exists on all of these endeavours. The indirect cost of time. For the DIY stuff you have to sift through a lot of information, some of which may be useful. For instance, for a DIY job I wanted to do, I found some things that turned out to be a waste of time. When I searched for videos on making open plan kitchens looking for how to deal with hanging walls I found American specific videos which deal with timber construction methods whereas I was I was looking for information on brick walls. However, it is the process of research, you have to sift through the good from the bad.

At the same time, doing it myself is how I came across the opportunity I will describe in low cost section below as well as the Wealthy Affiliates training. So it does pay off if you put your mind to it.

Free Services

Free resources and services help you save some time as you utilise the functionality and value that someone worked to create. The simplest free service is free email like gmail or hotmail. If you master what the free resources do, you can actually make something of it. In the free email case you can use your free email for business communication and make money in whatever way you come up with. I know a lot of people who are getting by using free email and business is doing well. There is obviously the issue of branding professionally, but for a lot of small businesses this may not hamper the revenue streams until they grow big enough for corporate image to matter materially.

Some paid services offer a limited free functionality in the form of trial periods. These trial periods range from period of use, e.g. 7 days, 30 days e.t.c. to number of use, like a keyword search tool like Jaxxy that gives you 30 searches for free. Another example is a cash till vending software vendhq which gives you one cash till in the trial period. Some will give you limited functionality in trial version like showing partial information, not allowing you to save to disk, or putting a watermark behind a picture.

Some example free services with a trial period are Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership. It provides you with level 1 training, two free websites that you can keep for life. The training gives you some basics on affiliate marketing as well as general online entrepreneurship. It gives you access to online mentoring and help for 7 days so that you can get a practical feel of the value on offer for you to consider to upgrade to the premium level where you have an expanded access to more services, facilities and support.

Low Cost Services

There are other low cost options which can make one some income if you apply your mind to them. In these ones you have to pay a small fee for the product that you can use in your business. Some of them give you multiple functionality that you can resell to your own customers without incurring further costs. This can easily cover your initial costs and better still make you some profit. If done well it could become a source of passive income depending on how one structures it.

An example of this I have used for more than 10 years is the namecheap hosting service. They offer domain name registration services, hosting and email services for your domain. I bought many domains over the years, some which I used for my online businesses like international money transfers, offline business like construction and hobby sites like cultural heritage. What I then did is that I started selling domains and email accounts to my friends who were starting their own businesses and acting their registrar.

Some numbers

So a domain costs about $12 to buy. I resell it for $16, and email for $4 easy with basic email. So just two sales of domains with email I make $40, which is a profit of $16 which in turn the cost of one of my domains leaving a net profit $4.

I have had a few customers for over 5 years now who have domains and email. They  mostly use email for their business communication.

The other service that I sold was hosting. So I bought a hosting package for my cultural heritage hobby but it came with two free additional domains with email for free. In addition it gives unlimited sub-domains on those three domains. So I sold the the other hosted domains at no additional cost to me.

More numbers

To look at the numbers, I bought the hosting package for an initial $28 per annum. I resold the hosting at $10 per month or $80 per annum.  From the second year it costs me $48 per annum. So in the first year I made an immediate profit on just one sell of $52. The rest of the sales were pure profit, that is why i even accepted monthly payments to make it attractive to my customers who were looking for a low cost base.

The hosting package also comes with WordPress templates and a host of additional utilities.  I advised a colleague of mine about it who was helping small businesses in poor neighbourhood. She has since established a small income stream making websites using WordPress templates and and hosting them also on . She buys one domain for one client and resells the other two to the other clients.

More options

I have also recently realised that also offers other business utility apps which I am yet to explore. It may be worth your while to explore them too.

So this is just an illustration of how you can make use of a low cost service to make money for yourself. Here you will learn some skills on how to scale such small income streams as well as automate them so that they become passive income.


Now, back to the question at hand, what is the best way to make money online for beginners or even better still what is the best way to make money online for free? There is plenty to choose from. In future posts I will be providing reviews of various platforms that provide free or low cost opportunities for making money online. These you can actually start making money with a little investment in time or very few dollars that you would otherwise use to buy a coffee or takeout.

In addition, you opt to take a course that will educate you on how to make money online using digital marketing. There is an evaluation of this training and others to be posted soon. Watch this space for more information.

Kindly leave a comment, suggestion or contribution below and we can engage further.

Thank you



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and love the idea! It is a great way to take advantage of what many don’t understand to be a very large market. In my previously life I came across many small business owners who would buy website domains for the sole purpose of the email side of it. Many realized the free email services wasn’t exactly professional looking. Great idea. A small profit a bunch of times over equals a big profit!

    1. That is so true as I discovered the opportunity by chance. A few friends had started their own businesses and required email. It has turned out to one of the best ways to earn money online for little outlay. The next thing for beginners is just to scale it up by learning online marketing. Thanks for the feedback Jason.

  2. Those are some interesting cost structures there. I would never have thought of that. The question is, can you market these prices online, won’t people know how a domain costs and do it themselves if they are already on the internet. How do you keep your customers buying from you in this instance.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful questions. I discovered the opportunities by chance, maybe even providence, action meeting opportunity. On the prices I charged, there is always scope for different pricing. Not all people who are looking to make money online or want an online presence are aware of these facilities. Some of them cannot be bothered. They are busy with their core business and would very gladly pay for someone to worry about the technical issues.

      Some are only online beginners who need help. So the opportunities are abound. However, you need to know your customers needs and affordability and then adjust the pricing accordingly. For example, for my customers, it turned out to be way cheaper than the local prices they were being charged by internet service providers and hosting companies. So it was not over priced at all.

      Know your market and your competititors

  3. Wow this is amazing, whoever thought it would be this simple to generate income online I definitely agree with the DIY projects. As a handy person I am sure to save some money for myself especially learning about it online as you highlighted above on YouTube, I can’t testify that I have learnt quite a lot online. I was interested more with domain and free email service I never thought about it in that way but I surely like and willing to try it in the near future, thank you for a great article, waiting for more!

    1. I am glad you found the article of some use. There is plenty of undiscovered treasures in the simple corners of the online world. One just need to keep an open mind coupled with simplicity, the opportunities will surface.

      On YouTube there is everything, from the useful to the useless. You need to be doing something useful then look for more information on it to find value. I have personally learnt quite a lot. I use it to research many a topic.

      I will definitely be posting more articles as per our request. Do check on weekly basis, there should be a nugget or two.

  4. I like the simplicity of the model. I would also not have thought about it as an income stream. Congratulations on making this something profitable. And also thanks for sharing your secrets. I will be looking into them too.

  5. The internet does in fact offer low-cost options for starting a business and making money – the problem is that it’s so hard for individuals to not only find such programs to help, but then trust them to follow through with their promises. With so many scam out there, you can’t blame them. The good news is that there are legitimate services out there, one of which I know works well is Wealthy Affiliate – great training, tools, and support for beginners in the internet marketing scene.

    1. That is so true Matthew. Only those who have tried and tested these options can give a proper review. The key thing is to find something that you may want to use yourself, try it out especially at a low cost and then see if it can be scaled out.

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great and robust resource that can bring value for money spent.

  6. I always search YouTube whenever I’m looking for DIY solutions, if you can accomplish the job yourself you save money.

    A few years back our old house required plastering every time we decorated a room, this is a costly job throughout an entire house. I picked up the know-how from various YouTube videos and put the skills to action. Okay, I was terrible at first but eventually picked up the technique and plastered the whole house over a lengthy amount of time, saved thousands.

    I’m currently working my way through Wealthy Affiliate’s training course on how to run an online business through a website, earning revenue through affiliate marketing. To me, this is by far the lowest cost route to run a genuine business, sure beats the heck out of renting premises and overheads traditional businesses entail plus there’s no stock to purchase, hold, postage, packaging nor returns to deal with either. Only the hosting charges for your website regard the outgoings.

    Affiliate marketing does take time to achieve high earnings granted but there’s certainly potential if you’re willing to put in the effort.

    1. That is true indeed Simon. That is the way I also started my construction business. I started fixing the plumbing in my house by watching YouTube videos and doing the work then charging myself professional rates which I paid into the business. 

      Wealthy Affiliates certainly gives one the step by step.building blocks of starting your own business. Best of all they provide concrete training and a product to practise on, which if you do well it starts paying off well while providing you support on how to improve it. 

      Well done both on the home front and on the online marketplace. If you put in Tue diligent work of learning and applying you will surely succeed.

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