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We are all looking for ways to generate traffic on the internet, and lead capturing is one of the best way to do it. The problem is that there are many ways to do and it takes time and skill to master the art of lead capture as well as to utilize the leads. For a beginner it can be daunting. I am sure you will be relieved if I told you about a way to do it completely free. Here is my best free lead capture page that beginners can use with no hassle.

Global money line

Global money line is a free lead generation site that you can sign up in one simple move and you can start receiving leads from that point on wards. That may sound to good to be true. How can such a system be so simple and without a catch.

I think it was Einstein who said that the true mark of genius is when one can take a complex thing and make simple enough for anyone to understand it. This is what Global Money Line have done with their website. It uses a simple get-in-line concept.

Imagine you are in a queue to get your money at the bank. When you get there, there are a number of people in the queue already. They have the advantage over you that they will be served first right. But your situation is not hopeless. Those who come after you will have to waiter longer that you. So in other words, your position and time of arrival will give you the advantage over those who arrived after you.

How it works

  • You register with your email for free. That is reserving your spot in the queue.
  • Anyone, I mean everyone who comes after you, will be put on your list as your lead.
  • You then start communicating with your leads as you would from your own list.

Register here to start test driving how real it is. it will not cost you anything and will not take much of your time.

Advantages over normal lead capture.

  • You do not need to create a lead capture page
  • You do not need to provide any free gift
  • It is the quickest list building technique
  • Even if you do no marketing, your list will continue to grow
  • You do not need buy or to subscribe to any auto-responder email marketing tool
  • You can target specific leads for specific campaigns that you are running.

So what are you waiting for?

Soon after reading the review and an article posted by a fellow internet entrepreneur I immediately signed up and started getting leads as people started signing up behind me. I am in the process of crafting my email marketing sequences for my content while my list is growing in the background.

Sign up now and start building your list immediately




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