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Beginners must learn from others

As a beginner, learning this new skill of online entrepreneurship, internet marketing and affiliate business can be very daunting to say the least. This is especially if you a not only a beginner, but also not familiar with the internet landscape.

Vast community of online entrepreneurs

The best thing about the internet is that the marketplace is full of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. So there is a lot of places where you can learn things to do and not to do.

Reviews done by others

Many of internet marketers write reviews of the products that they promote. They do a lot of research from various sources of information. The content they write is very useful in educating you on the topics covered, the content, the structure and other pertinent elements. You also get to read about different opinions and angles of coverage of the subject matter that can be useful in your process of doing the same thing.

Communities of experts

It would be wise to find communities of experts in your field. Sometimes this comes at a price because the experts know the value that they give and form exclusive forums and groups. You may be lucky because some of the forums only require you to be referred by one of them in order for them to accept you. So it would be useful to make individual contact with some of the members say befriend them on Facebook and start engaging if they accept. With time you can then bring in the subject of your interest in joining the group.

Learning in groups

learning in groups

It is good to join a group or community that share the same objectives or interests as yourself. This may be on social networks like Facebook or niche forums on a specific subjects. There are many forums that are free to join where you can find a wealth of information. This can accelerate you learning as you find out what others are doing and more importantly what issues they are dealing with and the solutions to them. This way you learn ahead of time such that when you do your own work you already know the issues that you may encounter and you know the solutions. Sometimes you may not know the solution but you know at least who to ask when you get stuck.


I would not recommend jumping into outsourcing too quickly. However, it can be very handy in a subject area that you are not too clued up about. Do not make it too much of a habit though. There is a lot of value in doing things yourself as you are starting out. That is a quick way to get you upskilled and knowledgeable about the area you are covering. When you then outsource with some knowledge, you can have control of the content and message that you want to push out. You can also tell when the outsourced work is up to scratch or not. There are many chancers out there and you do not want to be taken advantage of.

Some good practises to keep in mind

Write as naturally as possible

Even when you learn other people’s strategies and ways of working or writing, it is always advisable to have your own flavour of it. You can pick some elements and some features but always try and do something that you feel comfortable with. Your visitor will experience what you give them. If it is a justa carbon copy of someone’s character and method it turns to come out as flat, boring or mechanical.

Guard against plagiarism

It is unavoidable that there will be some content duplicated when you cover a certain topic or product. Some information is going to be the same. Try as much as possible not to copy other people’s work. One way I find very useful whenever I use facts from other people’s work is to then give an account of my personal experience or my personal opinion about the matter. That is the originality dose I add to my content.




  1. Hi Tyrell,
    Many of the factors that you brought up in your excellent article on how beginning affiliate business owners can benefit from getting advice/knowledge/insight/motivation from others is without a doubt necessary.

    It’s why I especially love WA by the very manner in which the company is structured. You have access to veteran entrepreneurs who have achieved success – that community of experts as you referred to in your article. One of the people who I lean on for advice is the same person who got me into the company.

    Regarding writing content for a website as you stated it must be done naturally yet still visibly be engaging to the reader. Gone are the days when you write content as if it was a dissertation paper for a doctorate degree. Your content would appear to be completely over your reader’s understanding many of whom do have attention deficit issues as it is.

    Writing content well is something that anyone can learn to do – allowing mentors/community members to read it and comment/critique on the article is of high value to allow that individual to improve on his/her compositions!


    1. That is so true Jeff, thanks for your insights and confirmation. To become an expert it is key to learn from other experts and then add a flavour of your own.

  2. I have always wondered if it would be appropriate to go through competitor’s work in order to learn from it. I guess it is, as long you put your story to it as you put it. Then it is not a copy but a version of your own experience. In this world, things are bound to be repeated.

    1. Yes, they are repeated Riv. You just need to take care that you are not copying/duplicating someone else’s work. There some facts that would be the same, but always remember to put in your understanding, your words, your experience. It makes for better connection with people because it is genuine. I am glad things are getting clearer by the day

  3. Hi Tyrell,
    Thanks for great advice from your article! First I must say that I love the little kid trying to take after the dancers, so cute. It explains the learning curve good as well. We are all beginners that need to study others to learn.

    I’m thinking about the outsourcing part. I’m afraid of loosing control over my own content, but at the same time I need more time to produce content, so it would make it a bit easier. Do you know how much you are supposed to pay for an article?

    Thanks again for an interesting piece.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Stina, thank you for the feedback. I thought the picture would do the trick so I am glad you agree.

      Concerning outsourcing, I use it myself. It can be a challenge at first but with some planning and definition of what you require it can be a great asset. I have categories of things I do myself and things that I outsource. Once I get the product I review and enhance to to fit my requirements. For example if it is a topic I do not know much about, I can outsource the research and the article. Once I have that I can further. Research and refine to fit my objective. In the process I learn about the subject and achieve the posting that I will have planned

      Once you work several times with good people it can be a profitable partnership that will enable you to.scale what you do or to expand into other areas of interest

      Articles cost anything from about $5 for 300-500 words to about $50-60 dollars depending on who you use and what experience and quality you provide. I mostly spend between $5 and $20 an article depending on size, text only or text with images, urgency and subject area

      I hope you find this useful.

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