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tyrell alternate affiliate profileHi visitor.

My name is Tyrell and I am an online entrepreneur. I have always been called the ideas guy, as my university day friend called me. I have lot of ideas, some of them great online business ideas for that matter. These come to my mind and my journals are full of them. I have developed quite a number of innovative products (for their day) which had a lot of potential of revenue generation.

The only problem is that I could never get them off the ground, of when I did, I could not scale them to be self sustaining business.

One of the projects I did was a cartoonist tool I developed as a university final year project. I did not have the marketing skills to rally all the magazines that I need to sell my cartoons to. I needed to hire a marketing person to do this function. However, I did not have the capital to fund the commercial development and to sustain myself during the incubation of the operation.

The other project is when I developed a customisable and extendable international money transfer application. I operated it in a joint venture with a colleague, doing transfers between USA and Southern Africa. I had designed it to be flexible enough to configure a company’s corporate brand, transfer routes and pricing. My pricing strategy was either an outright buying of the software or a rental on a transaction based costing model. However, I could find any customers to sell it to. It was the sales and marketing aspect that was lacking.

So as a result, when I started a construction company three years ago, I decided to hire a sales and marketing company to get me business for a fee. This has worked out well. At the same time I had a website for the business which was just a static brochure with no activity on it.

However, since I became an online entrepreneur, I have started acquiring marketing skills applicable to the online business. As a result I was able to revamp the website and make it more active and relevant to increase potential of getting business through it. The skills I learnt from the affiliate marketing program for beginners are transferrable my traditional business as well. I have been able to repackage our marketing and rebranding with some tangible success.

I have been part of Wealthy Affilliates and remain so because the community within it is very knowledgeable, experienced and very helpful. For more detail on the process see the Getting Started To Succeed Page

So I decided to start alternate affiliates to help those that are at the beginning of their journey of online entrepreneurship and effective online marketing for beginners.

For more information on my profile, here is a link to my wealthy affilliate profile.

Thank you