lessons from a chanakya cock

4 ancient success lessons for beginners

To help you on your journey to success as a beginner, I am going to reach down to the ancient times to draw some lessons from the ancients and from nature.

Lessons from a cock by an ancient guru Chanakya

There is an ancient Indian guru, Chanakya who was a brilliant strategist responsible for establishing an Indian empire around 300BC. He wrote down a lot of his wisdom in powerful and short proverb type format called niti. He used illustrations from nature, religion, humanity, divinity and spirituality to express his teachings. This ensured that people could relate to what he was saying quite easily.

To quote him, the lesson from a cock is to rise early in the morning, being ready to defend and attack, grabbing ones share and sharing with others.

Lesson 1 : Rise early in the morning.

As far as I can recall growing up in the rural areas, the cock was always the one to wake us up very early in the morning. We used to have a very hectic work regime sometime that we had to wake up earlier than the rooster, walk to the fields in pitch black darkness and start working in the wee hours of the morning.

This is a lesson on punctuality and regular repeatable habits. If you are to be successful in any business you have be a good time keeper. It shows respect to those you are dealing with and it also communicates trust and reliability. Who would want to deal with someone who does not keep to the agreed time, who does not deliver in time, who does not manage their own time.

So rise early to start your day, and repeat it like a ritual. So when you write and post articles, you should do so timely. You should respond to comments or questions and emails in a timeous manner. Your customer will then trust that if they expect something from you it will definitely come within a certain time frame.

Lesson 2 : Be ready to defend and attack

You may think that you have no chance just because you are a beginner. I am here to tell you that there is no one on this earth who was born an expert or successful. They had to begin somewhere. This is your starting line.

I recall when I was still young, before starting school. My grandmother used to keep chickens at our rural home. They would roam freely during the day and slept in a chicken run. I recall a bird of prey trying to snatch the newly born chicks. The raptor had another thing coming. I saw it being fought off in spite of its speed and aerial advantage. A cock in fight mode raises its neck feathers and stands tall and so should you.

You should do all things that are necessary for you fight off your competition in terms of ranking, quality and variety of content. Stand your ground and establish your authority as you grow in knowledge. Before long they will know who the ruling rooster is on this section of the internet chicken run.

Lesson 3 : Grabbing your share

The cock always grabs it’s share of food when it is available or it will go around foraging to find something to eat.

You need to research all the aspects of your niche. You need to learn from the experts in the field, from your customers and from your competition. Research content for your articles and feed yourself. Be teachable, do not be stubborn. Be strong.

Very soon you will start grabbing your share of the niche market with sales conversions and commissions.

Lesson 4 : Sharing with others

As proud and strong as it is, the cock is more than willing to share its food with its family.

This is a key principle in any marketing situation, or for anyone who wants their business to be successful. You need to give something of value to your customers if you want to be successful. You should be solving the customer’s problem. When you are successful you need to reward your workers, your partners and your customers. They need to have a share in your success which will lead to reciprocal better returns. Word of mouth, or better still these days, social media sweets and shares  will spread and you will have organic growth within your business. If you hit the sweet spot you may go viral and become a hit.

Give bonuses, specials and discounts where ever possible. You can find something of value like an article on the subject matter of the niche and give it away for free. This is a common technique used for list building. You give away an eBook for example, with useful content and tips to be successful in the business you are dealing with in exchange for the user’s email address. Even thought the eBook may be of more value than the immediate value of the email, having a good list with a good profile can be a base for a very profitable marketing campaign.

You should also share your experiences with your customers. Especially in the space of internet marketing. Your customer will connect with you better and be able to trust you. They say that people buy from people or organizations that they trust. Your being vulnerable and sharing your experiences will go a long way to establish and eventually cement that profitable relationship.


So get your A-game on with your efforts. If you haven’t yet, go through the Get Started process and begin your journey today. Be leading rooster in your niche.

Chanakya has many illustration of how man can learn productivity and wisdom from animals. These include lesson from a donkey, a lion, a crane, a dog and a crow e.t.c.

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  1. That is a very wise man that. The tenacity of a rooster is very admirable. I find that I am very productive in the mornings as well. I have an electronic rooster (my alarm) to wake me up every day. I find that many times I wake up just before the alarm. I am looking forward to the other lessons from this guru.

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